In this episode, the guys sit down with coach Mo's middle school Choir director Mrs. Julie Ann Allen. They discuss her new book "The Battle Worth Fighting: Raising Faith Guided Children in a Single Parent Home." Mrs. Allen was tragically widowed with a 7 year old daughter and 5 month old new born. She walks us through the lessons she has learned raising her kids and how her faith has helped her through her journey. For anyone raising kids, this is an insightful episode from one of the most influential people in our community. Enjoy this episode of The #TNLShow!

This week we have the OG's sit down on the couch. Mo, Bradon, and Anastasia sit down and talk about what it means to be a "Mosciple." Mo has been working with Anastasia and Bradon for a combined 12 years. They both have been trained and mentored by him and know first hand what it feels like. They discuss the meaning behind Mosciples and describe how their relationships have evolved into helping create the vision for Elite Fitness HQ. This episode gives insight into the the mental aspect of how we train at Elite and the lasting impact is has on kids in the program. Enjoy the show! #TNLShow

A behind the scenes look at our in-season training program. We have Brandon Theus and Shamar Morton Trinty High School Football senior Stand outs going through their weekly prep for the biggest game of the year against South lake Carrol. Shamar has an injuried groin that Coach Mo is rehabbing in hopes of him playing friday. Brandon is doing his rehab work since he is coming off an ACL injury last year.

This week coach Mo and coach Bradon sit down with Anastasia Stewart and Casey Taylor to talk about body image and the struggles that women endure during the transition from adolescence into womanhood. We want to create an environment that promotes loving yourself and being comfortable in your own skin. Thank you Anastasia and Casey for opening up about your own experiences dealing with body image and for being a positive role model that young girls can look up to. Enjoy episode 16 of The Thunder & Lightning Show!

This week the boy's sit down with two of Trinty HS Football's big time seniors Brandon Theus and Shamar Morton. These two have been working at Elite Fitness HQ since their freshman year. They set big goals as freshman and are on the verge of accomplishing them. We have the boy's dads sit down as well to talk about what they appreciated about their boys time at The HQ. Brandon Theus had a serious injury his junior year tearing his ACL. His dad talks about what it's like as a parent to watch your child go down with an injury and why he trusted us with Brandon's rehab process. We are thankful that they trusted us with that process and are proud of the success both of these young men are achieving and will continue to achieve. Enjoy this episode of The Thunder & Lightning Show!

The boy's sit down with one of Coach Maurice Revels High School buddy's Blank Man Damon Williams. Damon is a P.E. Teacher in the HEBISD. He also is a State Champion with the Grapevine Mustangs back in '98. We discuss how Damon is bring Fitness back to the P.E. class and how the kids are loving it. We always are trying to make the show better for you guy's. In episode 14 we do a double feature and also interview Bailey Williams one of our High School athletes. We discuss how Elite Fitness HQ has impacted her and her family. #BirdGang & #EliteFam this is a shorter show since we did an hour last week. Hope Yall enjoy Love-Peace&Happiness

The boys had to get in a late night grind session this Monday. Watch and listen as they take you through their Dynamic Lower Body Workout and discuss the ins and outs of what we do at Elite Fitness and why we do it.

By far the guy's Favorite episode to shoot so far.The guy's sit down with the owners of DT School of Fitness Kadimah Duncan & Casey Taylor. They discuss everything from business, passion for people and coaching,and the hours it takes to be gym owner. All these coaches have a tremendous amount of passion for their community a d strive endlessly to provide the best for their members.

The vision for Elite Fitness HQ is to create a culture of people who work hard to achieve their personal goals and cares about one another. We want to give back to the community that gave so much to us and help the Generations that came before us and that will follow us live their best lives. At Elite Fitness, it's not about where you start, because we own the finish. #TheEliteWay

Sunday Conversation w/ Jack & Mo. This week we cook and have great conversation.

In Episode 10 of The #TNLShow, the boys are back with owner of Saviano's Italian Kitchen Jack Alfeiri. Jack takes us through how to make the TNL Special, Salmon Primavera. The Crew enjoyed their dish while discussing the challenges of eating right and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while juggling everything else in Life. Jack is officially a part of the Crew, making this the first episode with "The Good Guys." We will be talking about Life, Health, and Fitness through our episodes together. Enjoy this episode of The #TNLShow!

#TNLShow Episode 9

"Deep Dive"

In this episode the boy's waste no time getting right into the show. They discuss Elite Fitness HQ training method and discuss the current enviorment of Fitness. They also get in "The Lab" and demonstrate their process to making EFHQ Athletes. At Elite Fitness HQ athletes range from 5 to 75 years old. While in the Lab Coach Maurice Revels & Coach Bradon Hunt run through the objective of every program at EFHQ. Hope you enjoy the Show!

In this episode of #TNLShow Maurice Revels sits down with one of his High School buddies & Owner of Savianos Italian Kitchen Jack Alfieri. Jack and Mo grew up in choir together. They discuss the rocky start to their relationship. They drop a bunch of knowledge about the step learning curve in being business owners and talk about the difference from going right into your career out of High School vs going to College. This is a great conversation between friends and the journey of them becoming business owners and growing into being grown men.

The Boys are back at it! This week on The #THLShow Coach Mo and Coach Bradon sit down with Coach Sam Brewer, Mo's long time friend and who he has been training with since day 1. In this episode, Coach Mo and Coach Sam talk about growing up in the ville and training together over the past decade plus and some of the Training Principles they have passed down to Coach Bradon AKA The Young Guru. #TNLShow

Coach Brayden Gruenewald did so well and worked so hard this summer that we had to go and interview the whole Gruenewald Clan! Rhonda and Trevor Gruenewald raised a great family in Southlake Texas and were able to send them all to college to play Division 1 Sports. If you want to know the plan behind having a successful family, here is the blue print! Enjoy Episode 6 of the Thunder & Lightning Show, Dinner With The Gruenewalds! #TNLShow

Our goal at Elite Fitness is to give back to the community that gave so much to us, and to give the answers that we wish we had as a kid to our young athletes. In this Episode, Coach Mo and Coach Bradon talk about their relationship as friends, coworkers, and Mo's role as Bradon's mentor. The Elite Boys then head to West End in Dallas to meet one of Coach Mo's oldest friends, John Harris Moore, Executive Chef at 3 Eleven Kitchen & Cocktails, to talk about overcoming adversity and how much time you actually have to as a kid coming into the real world, followed by a cooking segment with Chef John and Coach Mo. This is the realest episode yet, don't miss out! #TNLShow

In this episode of The Thunder & Lightning Show Coach Mo Rev sits down on the Couch with some of the CHHS Volleyball girls AKA the New School OG's. We have trained these girls for 3 years now and have enjoyed the process. Watch and gain some insight to their training, what they think of Elite Fitness and how Elite was able to take their game to another level.

In This second episode of The Thunder & Lightning Show. The young guru and the old man give a quick review of the week. The Young Guru aka Coach Bradon Hunt gives a demo on how the we do the Box Squat at the HQ. The Old Man sits down with this years summer intern Brayden Gruenewald on this weeks Couch session.

Welcome to The Thunder & Lightning Show! We are always looking for new and creative ways to interact with our audience and give everyone a taste of what Elite Fitness really is. In this episode of The Thunder & Lightning Show, Coach Mo Revels and Coach Bradon Hunt talk discuss the differences between a coach's perspective and the perspective of someone who is a fan of weightlifting, as well as some of the common fallacies in the hang clean movement. Enjoy!

The Vision behind what started Elite Fitness was the idea to create a Culture of people who genuinely care about one another and put in the Work to better themselves day in and day out. If you're a part of the #BirdGang Culture, you know about Hard Work & Dedication! The message has always been the same at the HQ! Here's a highlight of that message being shown throughout the years.

Thunder & Lightning hit the Lab to give some background behind how they spot their Athletes!

Think Big, Act Big &The Results will be BIG! 110% 100% of the Time Hard Work & Dedication