EFHQ Stories

Check out some of our EFHQ member's Fitness Journey .

The Williams Family Testimonial


Andrew Parrish

"To say Elite Fitness has changed my life is an understatement. Their programming is challenging but rewarding. The weights are heavy but not defeating. The classmates are competitive but motivating. The coaches push you to do your best and they practice what they preach. I've lost weight, gained muscle, new friends and confidence at this gym. It's a home away from home, and I look forward to challenging myself and becoming the best me I can be at Elite Fitness HQ!"


Tim Kowalewski

"What has been the greatest benefit of coming to EFHQ? It’s the ability to cross a mental barrier you had in your mind and coming to the self-realization that you are worthy of relative greatness and accomplishment. The next hurdle comes and you are able to apply the new found confidence recently attained and crush the next obstacle."

EFHQ Personal Training Clients

Jason & Sheila Ridley

"Elite Fitness has changed my life!  I first experienced Elite when my son went to summer strength training and saw massive strength gains.  I wanted to work out, get fit and not get injured, which is not easy to do when you are 50 lbs overweight!  I started working out at elite and through the experience of Mitch and Mo, I was able to gain strength and stability, which helped me gain muscle and have a net weight loss of over 40 pounds.  I have spent many years in other gyms with no success, Elite Fitness is the real deal.  My whole family goes to elite, we are #ridleystrong #elitefam"

Jason Ridley