EFHQ Coach's Corner PODCAST - Episode 1
In the first episode of the EFHQ Coach's Corner Podcast Elite Fitness HQ Owner Maurice "Mo" Revels  is joined by special guest, FC Dallas Club Coach Phil Powers and EliteFam Eddie "Too Fast" aka The Rocket aka that boy from the Ville Foster.  The trio discusses their different perspectives on what coaching entails, the different roles a coach can play in a person's life, and the importance of knowing your athletes outside of the weightroom.  

Check out the video version Here on YouTube!

Show Notes:
0:45 - Podcast Topic Intro (Coaching)
1:23 - Phil Powers' (The RedCoat) Introduction
5:20 - Maurice Revels' (The Old G.O.A.T) Introduction
8:06 - Wikipedia's Definition of Coaching
10:58 - Are Coaches Mentors? and Vice Versa
15:20 - Selfless Coaching/ Knowing Your Athletes
20:12 - Different Coaching Roles
24:11 - Athlete Improvement Is Success
27:12 - Closing - Recap of the 4 Roles of a Coach