This Episode includes interviews with Anastasia Stewart, one of Coach Mo's first clients, Drew and Michelle Sherman of Compass Church in Colleyville, TX, and Bradon Hunt.  one of the original EFHQ Athletes turned EFHQ Coach.

In the initial segment Coach Mo talks with his client Anastasia Stewart. He has trained Anastasia since she was 13. Now that she is 19 and a sophomore in college at Savannah College of Art & Design. Coach & Athlete catch up on there journey & life. Anastasia Equestrian team is 3x Reigning National Champion. Listen to them discuss life and how coaches play a pivotal role in development in and out of the gym.

Following Mo and Anastasia we hear from Drew & Michelle Sherman.  Drew and Michelle  Members of The #EliteFam discuss the impact EFHQ has had on their lives & the Value of Fitness.

In the final segment, Coach Mo and Coach Bradon discuss the journey of being an EFHQ Original Athlete turned Coach. This gives an insight to what it’s like to see things from the perspective of an athlete and the perspective of a coach. You will here about things such as culture, community, the learning process of becoming a coach, and the usual sparring between The Old Man and Wolverine. Give it a listen and watch!