Coach Mo and the Original Mosciples Anastasia Stewart and Bradon Hunt discuss what it means to follow The Elite Way and establish the 3 Pillars of Beliefs that we follow at Elite Fitness. In this episode, you will receive insight into what we believe in and how we go about living our lives inside and outside the gym. Take a listen!

Time Stamps:
0:54 EFHQ Pillar #1 - Hard Work, Dedication
2:28 - EFHQ Pillar #2 - Ubuntu
6:05 Anastasia's Experience with Mo & Ubuntu
8:40 "I Am Because You Are" - Mo
1240 Empathy vs Exploitation
13:58 EFHQ Pillar #3 - Love Thyself - Bradon
16:11 "I'm Just as Good As Anbody" - Mo's Mindset
19:39 Hard Work Beats Talent - Anastasia
22:45 Bradon's The Elite Way Experience
25:56 Anastasia's Elite Before Elite Experience
29:30 Family is the Biggest Asset - Mo